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bbDKP is a Guild Portal and Dragon Kill Points Mod for your phpBB3 Bulletin board.

Dragon kill points are a form of currency in guilds, where members bid on game loot and buy the items, paying in DKP.

Different forms of DKP exist and bbDKP supports four point systems : Standard DKP, Time based DKP, Zero sum and EPGP. they can be combined with each other, except zero sum can't be combined with EPGP.

bbDKP has Game, Guild and DKP management functions built into your phpBB3 Forum.

This way, your users gain single sign on to dkp and phpBB3, and you as an administrator or raidleader get a clean interface, robust admin facilities and less integration headaches.

Feature list : Portal with widgets, Dashboard, Statistics, Events, Raids, Member, Items, Roster, Bossprogress page, ACP and UCP modules. multiple games can be installed : World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Vanguard - Saga of Heroes, EverQuest I/II, Warhammer Online, Final Fantasy XI, AION, Rift, Star Wars-TOR, Lineage 2, Guilwars 2, Tera.

There are a number of plugins, like Raidplanner, Raidtracker, bbTips, Memberimport, Apply.


  • Classic DKP features : Point Standings, Raids, Events, Item values, Item history, and Stats, Multiple Dkp Pools, Multiple Guilds
  • Loot distribution systems supported : Standard DKP, Zero-sum, Time bonus, EPGP
  • Board3 based Portal with Blocks for news
  • phpBB account integration: bind Game characters to your forum account, from the UCP/ACP
  • phpBB breadcrumbs navigation
  • phpBB technical : MODX Automod compatible, DB UMIL installer, is dbms independent (Mysql, Oracle, MSSQL, Postgresql).
  • Dkp permissions are usergroup based. So you can disable access for board guests or recruit
  • Boss, Zone, Faction, Race, Class editor in ACP.
  • Multi language aware (french & german).

Compatible Plugins
  • bbTips (WoW) 1.0.3 (Plugin)
  • Bossprogress 1.0.7 (Plugin)
  • Raidplanner 0.8 (Plugin)
  • Armory Import (WoW) 1.1.8 (Plugin)
  • Apply 1.4.1 (Plugin)
  • Raidtracker (WoW) 1.0.1 (Plugin)

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View the latest post [RELEASED] bbTips 1.0.1

hi all,

i've updated bbTips to v1.0.1 to fix a wowhead json bug that prevents parsing the search results.

the download link was updated.

new md5 checkdigit : 9bd016ec6cb9c5f4049f7a067aa5c6f9

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View the latest post [BETA] Raidplanner 0.5.0

hi all,

Raid management made even easier.™

I'm happy to announce Raidplanner 0.5.0, almost 1.0 ;)

In this beta 0.5.0, I’ve added a new Teambuilder tool to add raids of any size. So you’re not limited to 10/25 anymore.

Communication improved aswell with the PM and email feature.

Raids are now pushed to bbDKP once the first confirmation was done. So you don’t have to recreate the raid in DKP anymore.

Raidplan view improved with new fields.

And among the fixes, updating a raid now works.

0.5.0 2012-08-04

  • [NEW] MSSQL, postgreSQL support
  • [UPD] requires with bbDKP 1.2.8
  • [NEW] random number of roles
  • [NEW] PM/email on new/updated/deleted raidplan
  • [NEW] PM/email on new/confirmed/benched signup
  • [NEW] New style buttons
  • [NEW] Push Raid button, to make raid in bbDKP

md5 checksum : 82153550cf43d23ecbfbd95a2f846e81

Version: : [BETA] 0.5.0

Requirements: : phpBB 3.0.10, bbDKP 1.2.8

BugTracker (report bugs here) :

Supportforum (not bugs) :

Changelog and readme : : see /docs/install


Repository URL: /Raidplanner

Screenshots :

Calendar view with built-in tooltips

signup tooltip

View raidplan

portal blocks included

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View the latest post [RELEASED] bbDKP 1.2.7


The download was hotfixed for a bug in the installer (see #200) If you downloaded before 07 june 22h45 CET please download it again.

new md5 check : cc9a1d75322198e6cd80a828b5bace07

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View the latest post [RELEASED] Raidtracker 1.0.1

hi all,

i've made a small bugfix of Raidtracker to v1.0.1

This fixed a crash when you import a parsed raid while selecting a default guild that is different from the guild mentioned in the player tags in the XML log, when that player did not already exist in the database.

the download link was updated.

new md5 : 2659d8278d28ce26e4477e4c5b7bbcd1

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View the latest post [RELEASED] Bossprogress 1.0.6

hi all,

i've updated Bossprogress to v1.0.6.

It is now compatible with bbDKP 1.2.6 and beyond.

  • [FIX] fixed outstanding issues
  • [FIX] w3c compliant
  • [FIX] postgresql, mssql compatible
  • [FIX] uses own language file instead of overwriting dkp_admin.php
  • [NEW] versionnnumber in acp
  • [NEW] Wow Dragonsoul update

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