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[Released] Deathwing 1.0.7 + premod

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[Released] Deathwing 1.0.7 + premod

Postby Sajaki » 10 Dec 2012, 02:17


I'm very pleased to announce the newest version of Deathwing 1.0.7 ;)

List of Changes
  • updated for phpbb 3.0.11
  • new imagesets !
  • new subnavigation css in portal
  • new portal block style with glowing embers for the winter ;)
  • fixed w3c validation bugs
  • some css font and color changes ;)
  • new forum icons in contrib folder.
  • reimg resizer mod is now built-in

premod includes :
  1. bbDKP 1.2.8-PL2
  2. Raidplanner 0.8.0
  3. bbTips 1.0.1
  4. Apply 1.4.1
  5. Bossprogress 1.0.8
  6. Reimg 2.0.1


Install simple style
  1. Copy the deathwing folder in /styles
  2. Install deathwing from the ACP

Install premod style
  1. install the mods above for prosilver
  2. Copy the deathwing folder in /styles
  3. Install deathwing from the ACP

Goodies Included : Smilies
  • Smilies to go with dark styles. Copy the "smilies" folder to root/images/ and choose to overwrite any existent files. Credit: ... #p12098535
  • Forum icons : Blizzard forum icons are included in the contrib folder.
  • Favicon : Put the favicon.ico file at the root of your site

The header and footer are flash-enabled. but it causes a flicker on refresh so it's disabled by default. to enable it, remove the comment around the <object> tag in overall_header.html anf overall_footer.html.

To change your guild name, follow this procedure or ask in the Styles forum @
  • open header_with_logo.psd in fireworks, photoshop or gimp
  • edit the 'your guild' layer.
  • then export the file under /themes/images/header.jpg

Screenshots :

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