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[Release] bbTips 1.0.3

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[Release] bbTips 1.0.3

Postby Sajaki » 26 Dec 2012, 21:02

Dear all,

I'm glad to announce bbTips 1.0.2 ;)

This release has a number of fixes and new features, as follows :

Changelog for 1.0.3 :
  • [SUPPORT] The documentation is now included as a pdf file.
  • [CHG] wowhead local.js power.js updated for local usage.
  • [FIX] achievement bbcode fixed, wowhead now uses htmlentities
  • [FIX] the Spell bbcode now support Glyphs, Recipes and Guild-perks
  • [FIX] SimplephpDom 1.5 updated to revision 202 of 10/10/2012. this class is used to parse html.
  • [FIX] css changes : quests, spells now appear in #FAB008 and in Verdana, to align it closer to the wowhead look.

Description :

bbTips is a WowHead bbCode Tooltips mod (Item, Craft, Spell, Quest, Achievements, npc, wowchar, itemset, item icon, item dkp), and bbDKP compatible.

How does it work ? New bbcodes are installed with the mod (umil) installer so you don't have to.
then file includes/functions_content.php is modded to insert a custom bbcode parser. the code then calls an xml-rpc service operated by, parses the received html with simplehtmldom and inserts a formatted string. a wowhead javascript is taking care of the tooltip part. You can select remote javascript or locally hosted javascript in ACP, and choose english, german, french, Spanish. (Russian was not tested).


Version: : [REL] 1.0.3

Requirements: :

  • phpBB 3.0.11
  • bbDKP, so your DKP listings are autolinked to wowhead (OPTIONAL. it also works without)

BugTracker (report bugs here) :

Supportforum (not bugs) :

BBcode list :

  • Item
    • [item]Blight[/item]
    • [item gems="40133" enchant="3825"]50468[/item]
    • Item icon
  • PTR usage : You can prefix the tags with "ptr" to access the Wowhead Public Test Realm database.
    • [ptritem]Decimation Treads[/ptritem]
    • [ptritem]Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation[/ptritem]
    • [ptrachievement]Explore Hyjal[/ptrachievement]
  • Item Icons
    • [itemico gems="40133" enchant="3825"]50468[/item]
    • [itemico gems="40133" enchant="3825" size=small]Ardent Guard[/itemico]
    • [itemico gems="40133" enchant="3825" size=medium]Ardent Guard[/itemico]
    • [itemico gems="40133" enchant="3825" size=large]Ardent Guard[/itemico]
  • Itemset
    • [itemset]Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Plate[/itemset]
    • [itemset]Geweihte Plattenrüstung des Ymirjarfürsten[/itemset]
    • [itemset]Armure de seigneur ymirjar en plaques sanctifiée[/itemset]
  • Achievements
    • [achievement]Breaking Out of Tol Barad[/achievement]
    • [achievement]4874[/achievement]
    • [achievement]Loremaster of Outland[/achievement]
  • Spell : as of Wow 4.0, the spell ranks were removed. Existing spell tags with spell rank will ignore the rank argument.
    • [spell]Power Word: Shield[/spell]
    • [spell]Master of Beasts[/spell]

    in bbTips 1.0.2, recipes, guild perks and Glyph spells can be used.
    [spell]Weak Troll's Blood Elixir[/spell] [spell]Mr. Popularity[/spell] []spell]Glyph of Barkskin[/spell]
  • Quests
    • [quest]A Dire Situation[/quest]
  • NPC bbCode
    • [npc]Illidan Stormrage[/npc]
    • [npc]Illidan Sturmgrimm[/npc]
    • [npc]Illidan Hurlorage[/npc]

    including the new Pandaria Battle pets :
  • Crafting bbcode. The Craft bbcode can be used with or without the mats argument. The mats argument can be used only once per post.
    • [craft mats]Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops[/craft]
    • [craft mats]Design: Brazen Elementium Medallion[/craft]
    • [craft mats]Schematic: Hard Khorium Goggles[/craft]
    • [craft mats]Recipe: Destruction Potion[/craft]
    • [craft]Plans: Black Felsteel Bracers[/craft]
    • [spell]Mot de pouvoir : Bouclier[/spell]
    • [craft mats]Recipe: Vial of the Sands[/craft]
    • [craft]Schéma : Lunettes en khorium durci[/craft]
    • [craft mats]Rezept: Phiole der Sande[/craft]
    • [craft]Bauplan: Brille aus Hartkhorium[/craft]
    • [craft]Rezept: Zerstörungstrank[/craft]

Screenshot :

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Re: [Release] bbTips 1.0.2

Postby Sajaki » 30 Jul 2013, 22:44


i've released bbTips 1.0.3 to fix an issue with install.xml.

the links above were updated.


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